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This statement is our commitment to your privacy and security

Your Privacy
We hereby declare that we do not give out any information such as email addresses and/or any other private information of our customers to any third party body and we will not use it for future mailing lists and/or any other promotions with out explicit prior authorization of the customer.

Order Processing Security
We use PayPal to route, process, and secure your payment information. In addition, PayPal has a Buyer Complaint Process to make sure if you don't get what you pay for, you get your money back. Using PayPal to process your order serves to protect you from sending confidential payment information to an unknown company and gives you confidence that you will receive what you order. They will offer you the option of setting up a free account with them, however that is not required to process your order.

How the Order Process Works
Our site uses order forms to collect information needed to put your order together. When you click the order button we send this information to PayPal which holds the information in a secure shopping cart until you are ready to check out. At check out PayPal using a secure website will collect contact and payment information. After PayPal verifies the payment information, they send us the necessary information to process your order. They do not send send us any of your confidential payment information. See PayPal Security & Privacy statement for more information.

If you have any questions about this privacy & security statement, or the practices of Busy Hand Embroidery please contact us with your questions or concerns, see contact information located below.


Privacy & Security Statement
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